Residence Murgia Loceri

Sardinia, the wild island in the Mediterranean Sea:

a legend is telling that the creator, after having created the world,  were remaining some stones, which he placed then in the Mediterranean Sea and squeezed them flat with his foot. Thus the island got the shape of a sandal, from which derives also its antique name Ichnusa. Next he took from everywhere among his whole creation a little thing and distributed it over the island. The result is visible now for the amazed visitor: a turquoise beaming sea, picturesque bays with white sandy beaches, bizarrely formed rocks, majestic mountains with deep canyons and a fertile and intensive smelling vegetation.

Amongst this admirable ambience one can find our private summer residence located in the genuine village of Loceri. It is central positioned at Sardinia´s east coast, some miles away from the coast line of Arbatax,Tortoli and Barisardo. Thus it offers an ideal base for an unforgettable vacation at the nearby beaches, but also for excursions to the numerous sights in the hinterland and for trekking tours along the cliff coasts and onto the mountains in the inner island.

If You want to experience an individual and varied vacation, a little bit off the tourist rush at the coast, search contact the friendly and hospital habitants, then simply continue to surf the following pages. There You will be informed about all details of our private summer residence but also about Sardinia´s closer and farer situated tourist sights.

Enjoy this site and good luck!

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